Do I have to pay an advance, and would the advance be refundable in the event the FDW is returned?

 We have a refund policy on the balance of the advance payment in the event the FDW is returned and successfully transferred to a new employer. This policy is conditional upon the employers not breaching any of the clauses stated in the service agreement with the agency.

What are the modes of payment accepted for the transactions?

We accept cash, Nets and cheque payments.

What after-sales service can I expect from Asia?

We value our customers. At Asia, we are committed to providing excellent before- and after-sales service to all of our customers. We provide loyalty programmes and a full-range of services that includes counseling of the FDW, renewal of work permit and passports, home-leave arrangements, endorsement of embassy documents, replacement of FDWs, skill upgrading courses, arrangement of air-tickets, and repatriation of the FDWs upon completion of their contracts. We also provide counselling services for your FDW.

How does the new FDW insurance policy affect a customer like me?

The employers are required to take care of their FDW medical expenses in Singapore. Therefore, all FDWs need to be covered with adequate insurance. This is compulsory before a work permit is issued by MOM. The new insurance policy requires the FDW to be covered with a minimum sum of S$15,000 per year for hospitalisation claims. The sum is in line with the new hospitalisation subsidy regulation. It is also compulsory for employers to take up a Personal Accident Insurance policy for their FDWs before they can employ him or her. The minimum sum assured should be S$40,000. Nevertheless, we would advise employers to upgrade the FDW insurance policy to an even better coverage to meet higher-than-expected bills arising from the FDW hospitalisation expenses.

Can I repatriate the FDW without going through the agency?

Yes, the employer can repatriate the FDW without going through the agency as long as such action does not breach any of the clauses in the service agreement between the employer and the agency. However, we would strongly advise the employer to repatriate the said FDW via our agency, so that we may discharge your responsibilities (if any) to protect your interests